Summer Fun

A selection of popular branded summer promotional products that are synonymous with summer fun at the beach, the park or in the backyard.  Whether you choose brightly coloured branded beach balls that are available in 6 sizes; branded hacky sack foot bags; branded yoyos available in a large range of colours or the ever-popular branded frisbees – they are all great products for your next summer promotion!

Branding on ‘Summer Fun’ Items: What you NEED to know

The hacky sacks and yo-yos can be branded with a pad print, however, the hacky sacks can only be pad printed in one colour due to the registration limitations.  The yo-yos and the frisbees can be branded with a full colour direct digital print.  The frisbee can be screen printed but only in one colour and the beach balls can also be screen printed.

Pad print: One of the most popular & affordable ways of branding products due to its ability to reproduce images on uneven or curved products & print multiple colours in a single pass.

Full colour direct digital print: Can be used to produce both spot colour & full-colour branding on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Screen print: Ideal for branding beach balls and Frisbees as large print areas are possible and is ideal for large solid areas of colour.

The 3 BEST ‘Summer Fun’ Branding Opportunities

1. Beach Ball 34cm (with 5040 Colour Combinations!)

  • Available in 6 different sizes – 21cm; 28cm; 34cm; 40cm; 48cm; 60cm
  • Supplied flat packed ready for inflation
  • The 6 side panels & 2 round panels can be mixed & matched using the seven standard colours
  • The colour chosen for the round end panels must be the same for both ends
  • Colours: white; yellow; orange; pink; red; green; dark blue; brown; black
  • Lead time of 20 working days applies to this product
  • Branding option: screen print only

2. Hacky Sacks (Fun for everyone!)

  • Foot bags for playing the traditional hacky sack game
  • Can also be used as juggling balls
  • Colours: white; white/yellow; white/orange; white/red; white/green; white/blue; white/black
  • Branding option: pad print in one colour only

3. Frisbees (Prominent Branding Area)

  • Full-size recreational flying disc
  • Fantastic branding opportunity
  • Colours: white; yellow; orange; pink; red; bright green; dark green; teal; light blue; dark blue; purple; black
  • Branding options: screen print in one colour only; full colour direct digital print

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